Singing Wind, A - Songs & Melodies From Ecuador

by Elizabeth Villarreal Brennan

This book and audio-CD set includes five popular Ecuadorian folk tunes, four short melodies, and a legend in typical arrangements for singing, recorders, dance, drama, guitar, and optional Orff instruments.

Haunting melodies and harmonies, interesting rhythms and spare instrumentation recreate the enticing sounds and atmosphere of the towering Andes Mountains.

Each selection includes cultural context, and suggestions for use. The songs and dances are woven through a typical Andean legend, ready for dramatic presentation.

This is an exciting resource for music, social studies, dance, drama and language classes.

The book includes:

  • Background information about Ecuador
  • Copy-OK map
  • Three songs and six instrumental pieces, including four short instrumental interludes to accompany the Legend of Quinlli and Pasha
  • Musical transcriptions, translations and pronunciation for each song
  • Clear dance steps, illustrated in several cases with photographs
  • Pen and ink illustrations throughout
  • Bibliography/Discography

The companion recording features:

  • All musical selections from the book
  • Clear pronunciation guides
  • Two additional vintage performances by Las Hermanas Villarreal
  • The musical accompaniment for a dramatic production of the Legend of Quinlli and Pasha, presented in its entirety. This may be used for practice or performance of the legend by a student group.
A Singing Wind - Songs & Melodies From Ecuador - Book/CD
Song Title
Santo de Otavalo
Amores Hallarás
Las Doncellas
Inca Dance