Silent Temples, Songful Hearts

by Sam-Ang Sam and Patricia Shehan Campbell

Traditional Music of Cambodia

Silent Temples, Songful Hearts presents an enlightening and enjoyable look at the traditional music and culture of Cambodia, and particularly how it is thriving today in communities outside of Cambodia.

This is the first time an in-depth yet nontechnical collection of Khmer music has been prepared in English, geared for use in the music or social studies classroom, community outreach programs, or courses in ethnomusicology or Southeast Asian studies. Written by Sam-Ang Sam (a widely respected Khmer musician and ethnomusicologist who has devoted his life to preserving and sharing the musical traditions of Cambodia), and Patricia Shehan Campbell, music educator and ethnomusicologist, this fascinating book and audio set offers a wealth of personal insight and information on Cambodian music and culture.

The book includes a wide variety of songs and instrumental pieces, from children's lilting etiquette songs, game songs and dances to beginning drum, xylophone and flute pieces, to exciting boxing music and stories told through song and narration.

This is an invaluable aid to understanding, cherishing, and maintaining the truly beautiful musical tradition which is the foundation of Khmer culture.

The 8.5" x 11" book includes:

  • Seven full transcriptions of instrumental, vocal, and dance music, traditional children's game songs and percussion pieces for beginners
  • Many of the xylophone and flute parts can be performed on Orff xylophones and recorders.
  • Musical overview of typical instruments
  • In-depth study guides for each selection
  • Sections on geography, history and culture
  • Information on Cambodian communities in the U.S.
  • 36 photographs, 28 illustrations by Cambodian artists Yan Sam and Tho Sangphet
  • Two maps
  • Glossary, Bibliography, Index

The companion audio CD includes:

  • All 17 selections performed by Sam-Ang Sam, his traditional ensemble and his daughters
Silent Temples, Songful Hearts - Traditional Music Of Cambodia - Book/CD
Song Title
Mun Pei Nhaim
Thung Le
Chhouy Chhay
Loeung Preah Punlea
Khmer Changkeh Reav