Voices Of The Wind

by Bryan Burton and Maria Pondish Kreiter

Native American Flute Songs

A beautiful collection of authentic, traditional and contemporary Native American flute songs, arranged for the nonprofessional player. Bryan Burton has created, for the first time, a set of accessible transcriptions for classroom and home performance. These flute songs have been carefully chosen for their beauty and ease of play, then transcribed in keys that work for the student of recorder or flute, elementary grades and above. Many are haunting and will stay in your memory long after you put your instrument away. Included are love or courting songs, stomp dance, round dance, honoring and popular songs.

The 8.5" x 11" book includes:

  • 11 traditional flute songs
  • Copy-OK scores for vocal and instrumental versions
  • Anecdotes and cultural background for each song
  • A Copy-OK map showing where these songs originated
  • Playing tips, typical ornaments and embellishments
  • Vocal versions for pieces that originally were sung; suggestions
  • for appropriate accompaniment
  • History of the traditional Native American flute
  • Information about flute makers and how to contact them
  • Appendix: Guided Listening: Performances by R. Carlos Nakai and Robert Tree Cody Suggested Lesson Plans and Extensions for using the songs in the classroom
  • Selected discography

The companion audio CD includes:

  • Each song performed on traditional Native American wood flutes,
  • Each song performed on soprano or alto recorder. Attune your ear first to the real thing and then feel the satisfaction of being able to play along with your own instrument.
  • Performances by R. Carlos Nakai and Robert Tree Cody
Voices Of The Wind - Native American Flute Songs - Book/CD
Song Title
Sunrise Song - Native American Flute
Lakota Courting Song - Recorder Version
Kiowa Love Song - Recorder Version
Social Dance Song - Native American Flute
Kwa-nu-te - Native American Flute And Drum
Stomp Dance Song - Native American Flute And Drum