Los Mariachis!

by Patricia Harpole and Mark Fogelquist

An Introduction to Mexican Mariachi Music

Mariachi ensembles provide some of the most distinctive, dynamic music of Mexico. A quick glance at the current popular music scene in the United States reveals the increasing influence and vitality of the Mexican and Mexican-American Mariachi tradition. Linda Ronstadt has recorded (and toured throughout the USA) with some of the best Mariachi musicians. Movies such as "Mi Familia" highlight this vibrant music.

Los Mariachis! looks at the history, instruments, and sounds of the Mariachi tradition - a sound which is being heard more and more outside of Mexico. States throughout the southwestern US, including Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and California, and other urban areas, such as Chicago and in Washington state are home to numerous Mariachi ensembles.

This enjoyable unit is perfect for one to three classroom sessions. It is equally useful for music, social studies, or Spanish language classes, or music lovers who would like to know more about contemporary Mexican culture. (A complete Spanish translation for the narration and study questions is included as an appendix.)

Most suitable for grades 5 and up, this self-contained book and audio unit includes:

  • 8.5" x 11" booklet with narration and additional information on the history and customs of the Mariachi tradition
  • Vocabulary and pronunciation sheet
  • Study questions (and answers)
  • Copy-OK musical transcriptions
  • Complete Spanish translation of the narration and study questions
  • Loose map and photos for bulletin board display or overhead projector
  • Bibliography/discography
  • The companion audio CD includes the complete narration as well as all the musical examples, pronunciation of the Spanish lyrics and complete performances of two songs, performed by El Mariachi Uclatlan.
Los Mariachis! - An Intro To Mexican Mariachi Music - Book/CD
Song Title
Individual Instruments - Intro and Examples
El Tirador
Guitarrón with guitars