Marimba Mojo!

by Walt Hampton

More Zimbabwean-Style Music for Orff Instruments

Mojo means magic, and percussionist/music educator Walt Hampton weaves a powerful spell with twelve more original pieces based on or inspired by marimba music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. A searing sequel to Hot Marimba!, Marimba Mojo offers a good dose of spice to get your Orff classroom hopping. . . literally!

From the first notes of the preliminary exercise pieces to the last beat of the challenging "Musasa," your students will be inspired to chop 'til they drop. They'll fight over who gets to practice during free times in between classes! This collection hits the ground running and never stops to take a breath. Audiences throughout the northwest United States have fallen under the spell of the fabulous performances of Walt's student ensemble Rugare, a group of upper elementary players from Marcus Whitman Elementary School in Richland, Washington. Your groups' audiences will be left wanting more marimba magic - and you'll have "your mojo workin" - guaranteed.

The 8.5" x 11" book includes:

  • Twelve graduated pieces that build on the skills learned in Hot Marimba!
  • Copy-OK scores for all pieces
  • Suggested arrangements for each piece
  • Rehearsal and performance suggestions
  • Suggested resources and networking for follow-up

The companion audio recording includes:

  • Every tune played clearly in exciting full-length versions, many performed by Rugare Marimba Ensemble (playing Orff instruments and marimbas).
Marimba Mojo! - More Zimbabwean-Style Orff Music - Book/CD
Marimba Mojo! - More Zimbabwean-Style Orff Music - Downloadable Collection
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Marimba Mojo! - More Zimbabwean-Style Orff Music - Convenience Combo Kit (kit w/CD & download)
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Song Title
Meara Meara