Wonfa Nyem - A Song In Akan From Ghana

arr. Abraham Adzenyah

Reminding listeners of how important it is to be an active part of your community is the purpose of this song from Ghana that is sung at festivals or funerals. As sung by the Akrofor Youth Choir of Ghana, the arrangement by Abraham Adzenyah has a slow start, and an up tempo second section that is reminiscent of New Orleans funeral processions. It allows for small groups or soloists in simple divisi parts. The song has few words, but it is full of meaning. Includes notes, percussion parts, handclaps, and movement suggestions. Best with grades 9-12. SATB; a cappella.

The demo cassette available for this tune simply contains a sample performance. It does not include an accompaniment track.

Wonfa Nyem - A Song In Akan From Ghana - SATB A Cappella Choral
(minimum of 10)
Wonfa Nyem - A Song In Akan From Ghana - Preview Cassette
Song Title
Wonfa Nyem (demonstration)